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Student Clubs

As undergraduates in the Environmental Science Program our vision and is to become educated students, professional scientists, and ethically, socially, and academically superior individuals. Above all, we want to prepare ourselves to have in influence in the affairs of our local community. The Iowa State Environmental Science Club assist students to achieve these goals. We encourage collaboration among Environmental Science students, we foster relationships with the Environmental Science Program faculty and staff, we network with working environmental scientist and alumni, and we contribute our fair share of effort with Iowa State University's teaching outreach, and research programs. By joining the Environmental Science Club, you are supplementing your college experience and ultimately setting yourself up for success as a professional scientist.

The mission of The Green Umbrella is to bring together different student sustainability organizations to make Iowa State students more aware of sustainable efforts around them. Our goals are three-fold. 1. Create an open forum for discussion about Green Initiatives at ISU. 2. Act as one voice to ISU administration about student sustainability issues 3. Brainstorm ways to teach students how they can make their lives more sustainably, how they can participate in Go Green efforts, and how they can voice their opinions on sustainable issues.

LSC is a club looking to raise awareness of sustainability within LAS and ISU. This will be done by further promoting current ISU sustainable efforts. Educating the student body on what ISU is doing in terms of sustainability through a lecture series every semester. Encouraging students and faculty interaction through sustainability events, such as the aforementioned lectures, a Stuff Swap, and professional outreach. Promoting/Establishing LAS as a leader in sustainability among the other colleges at ISU. Providing a resource for students interested in sustainability and environmental science. Assisting other groups within ISU to become more sustainable.

The Soil and Water Conservation Society fosters the science and the art of soil, water and related natural resource management to achieve sustainability. They promote and practice an ethic recognizing the interdependence of people and the environment.

The goals of the Skunk River Navy are to provide ISU students with a chance to learn more about the biology of Iowa, meet new people and make friends while making a positive contribution to their local community; improve the aesthetic quality of the Skunk River and its tributaries by removal of trash; perform IOWATER river assessments, including monitoring populations of invertebrates.

Not just for geology majors, great opportunity to learn more and have fun in the area of geology.