Bachelors of Science

About the Bachelors of Science Degree

Why study Environmental Science?


Become part of an active, scientific field composed of multidiciplined people investigating and analysing complex environmental issues facing the world today and into the future. more...


Scientific rigor is stressed throughout the the program, beginning with the foundation courses in the first two years of the curriculum. The upper level core courses emphasize a dynamic systems approach that provides a framework for integrating physical, chemical, and biological aspects of environmental systems. more...

Learning Community

The Environmental Science learning community has an array of activities to provide support for students new to Iowa State. These activities include introductions to university resources, special study groups, and a unique field trip experience. more...


The Environmental Science faculty consists of faculty members from many areas of expertise, including: Ecology, Biology, Geology, Meteorology, Soils, and Natural Resource Management. Iowa State faculty have outstanding reputations for their teaching, research, and service. You will have the opportunity to interact with the faculty both in and outside the classroom.
Faculty Advisors as Mentors...

Coming to ISU

Iowa State University is a great place to continue your education. To study Environmental Science at Iowa State you need to be admitted to the university. To learn more about the Iowa State experience and apply, visit the Iowa State Univeristy admissions page. go!

Coming to Ames

Ames is a great place to live, with many programs to support more environmentally friendly living. more...


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