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Alumni - Jeremy Anhalt

Jeremy AnhaltEnSci Alumnus: Jeremy Anhalt

Peace Corp Volunteer


Q: What first started your interest in Environmental Science (EnSci)?

Jeremy: A general degree path in "natural sciences" that I hoped might lead me to define more specific careers interests.

Q: Which courses did you take to specialize yourself within the EnSci program?

Jeremy: Watershed management, vertebrate biology, GIS, ecology, aquatic ecology, stats, grant and proposal writing.

Q: Of the courses you took, what course at Iowa State helped the most in your career?

Jeremy: Hands down: watershed management.

Q: What are some of the activities you do for the Peace Corp as an Environmental Scientist?

Jeremy: Basically, I'm an extensionist in soil and water conservation. I also do a little bit of watershed and park management, and environmental ed. Nothing would be possible without people skills and patience (mine are continuing to improve), which are as important or more than technical knowledge.

Q: What aspects of your education have been the most important part to your success at your current job?

Jeremy: A basic knowledge of scientific methods, computer work, public speaking, finding and using resources, study habits (which are actually better now).

Q: What was your favorite part of the EnSci program?

Jeremy: Opportunity to network, explore, and branch out into related fields and classes, the SWCC, and of course the ISU campus in general.