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Bachelors of Science

Scientific rigor is stressed throughout the the program, beginning with the foundation courses in the first two years of the curriculum. The upper level core courses emphasize a dynamic systems approach that provides a framework for integrating physical, chemical, and biological aspects of environmental systems.

Graduate Program (M.S. & Ph.D.)

The Environmental Science graduate program is an interdisciplinary program involving biological, physical, and chemical sciences. Environmental Science faculty from the Colleges of Agriculture, Engineering, and Liberal Arts and Sciences cooperate to offer courses and research opportunities leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Environmental Science.

The Environmental Science program provides unique opportunities for interdisciplinary training and research. Cooperating departments offer courses covering surface and groundwater hydrology, climatology, water quality, aquatic and wetland ecology, landscape processes, atmospheric sciences, and more.

Students doing water monitoring



The undergraduate and graduate Environmental Science programs benefit from each other. Some of these are more efficient use of resources, more teaching opportunities for graduate students, and more personalized learning for undergraduates.

Given the magnitude and complexity of our regional and global environmental problems, there is a growing need for scientists with rigorous, interdisciplinary training in environmental science.