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Madelyn Mette Madelyn Mette (Maddie)

253 Science I
Ames, IA 50011
tel: 515.294.4477

Degree Sought:  PhD

Home Department:  Geological & Atmospheric Sciences

Faculty Advisor:  Alan Wanamaker

Research Interest/Thesis Project
My project involves using Arctica islandica shell-growth chronologies and annually resolved oxygen isotope records to reconstruct marine environmental variables in the arctic, specifically in response to the North Atlantic Oscillation / Arctic Oscillation dynamics across the northern hemisphere Little Ice Age / Medieval Warm Period/Modern Climate transitions.

Awards, Presentations, Publications
  • 2012 HHMI ISU Graduate Fellowship
  • 2012 ISU Carl Vondra Scholarship

  • Mette, Madelyn. 2010. Chemostratigraphy and Magnetic Susceptibility of the Upper Ordovician Daravgai and Gashuunovoo Formations, Gobi-Altai Terrane, Shine Jinst Area, Southern Mongolia (field work, Macalester College Undergraduate Honors Thesis, and research presentation, Keck Geology Consortium, 2009-2010)

Why did I choose to study Environmental Science?
I am fascinated by how we study our relationship with the earth and interested in improving our understanding of the world around us.  I chose Environmental Science because with so much still to be discovered in our field, an interdisciplinary approach is the best way to get the whole picture into focus.

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