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Thomas Glanville Thomas Glanville

Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

201 Davidson Hall
Ames, IA 50011-3080
tel: 515.294.0463
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Bio Sketch
I am a professor and extension agricultural engineer with academic background in industrial (BS, Engineering Operations, Iowa State University) and civil engineering (MS, PhD, Iowa State University).  I specialize in research, teaching, and technology transfer programs focusing on agricultural and industrial waste management and water quality.  I am a founding member and past president of the Iowa Groundwater Association, and have served on the advisory board of the Iowa Organics Recycling Association, as chairman of the Iowa Section of American Society of ASABE, and am a member of the editorial board of Compost Science and Utilization.

Research Interest
My research has included pesticides in rural wells, measurement of leakage from earthen manure storage structures, and evaluation of soil erosion and water quality impacts associated with application of composted organics to newly constructed roadway embankments.  Recent work has focused on pollution prevention and biosecurity in the livestock industry, including studies on bio–secure emergency disposal of livestock in Canada, environmental impacts and biosecurity of composting for emergency disposal of livestock mortalities in Iowa, and pathogen suppression and VOC releases during emergency anaerobic digestion of catastrophic livestock losses caused by Foot-and-Mouth disease.

Broader Impact of My Work
I work with engineers, farmers, state and federal agencies around the world, and the general public to improve understanding of environmental issues and to implement environmentally sustainable practices.  I strive to share the purpose, methods, and outcomes of my research not only through peer-reviewed publications but through ISU Extension publications, field demonstrations, and project-related websites including:
Key Words

Four Key Environmental Science Publications
  • Glanville, T.D., H.K. Ahn, T.L. Richard, J.D. Harmon, D.L. Reynolds, and S. Akinc. 2013. Effect of Envelope Material on Biosecurity During Emergency Bovine Mortality Composting. Bioresource Technology. 130:543-51. )
  • Dewell, R. and T. Glanville. 2012. FAD PReP/National Animal Health Emergency Response System Guidelines: DISPOSAL (2012). USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-Veterinary Services.
  • Berge, A.C.B., T.D. Glanville, P.D. Millner, and D.J. Klingborg. 2009. Methods and microbial risks associated with composting of animal carcasses in the United States. Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, 234(1) 47-56.
  • Glanville, T.D., H.K. Ahn, T.D. Richard, L.E. Shiers, and J.D. Harmon. 2009. Soil Contamination Caused by Emergency Bio-Reduction of Catastrophic Livestock Mortalities. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution. 198(1) 285-95.

Grant Funding
  • "Development of environmentally friendly livestock mortality disposal systems using anaerobic digestion," National Institute of Animal Science, Republic of Korea
  • "Engineering evaluation of a composting system for bio–secure disposal of livestock in Canada," Canadian Research & Technology Initiative
  • "Environmental impact and biosecurity of composting for emergency disposal of livestock mortalities," Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources
  • "Evaluating the biosecurity of large–scale composting of animal carcasses/tissues," USDA–NRI
  • "Impacts of compost amended soils on re–vegetation and soil erosion at highway construction sites in Iowa," Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources and Iowa Department of Transportation
  • "Evaluation of earthen waste storage structures in Iowa," Iowa Legislature

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Taking field measurements.

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